In 1991 the Sheriff's Office in conjunction with the Agency on Aging presented the Emergency Blue Light Program to senior citizens of Mercer County. The Blue Light Program is an effective emergency response tool which provides a beacon in your window to help speed assistance to you.

Seconds can make a difference in an emergency. The emergency Blue Light Program can help save crucial seconds after you've called for help. The Blue Light makes it easier for emergency personnel to locate your house. The Blue Light Unit consists of a blue light bulb and a flasher component. When placed into a lamp socket, the blue light unit flashes when activated. 

The Blue Light Unit should only be used in a Police, Fire or Medical Emergency or when you need emergency assistance and can't reach the telephone (neighbors see your Blue Light and summon assistance to you).

In an emergency, you FIRST call for help, THEN activate the blue light. The flashing blue light instantly alerts police, paramedics or others that they have reached the right place.