Surrogate Diane Gerofsky’s Community Outreach Program provides services and community education and information programs in the following areas free of charge:

  • Provides homebound Surrogate services for Mercer County residents who are ill, homebound and handicapped

  • Provides eight satellite offices throughout Mercer County where residents are able to execute probate procedures without coming to Trenton

  • Distributes free informational literature on the Surrogate’s Court and its procedures

  • Conducts lecture seminars for seniors clubs, church organizations, civic groups, and high school classes about Wills and other aspects of the Surrogate’s Court

  • Issues public alerts and warnings regarding matters related to the Office of the Surrogate

  • Maintains an up to the date Web site addressing the procedures of the Surrogate’s Court

  • Participates in Mercer County related activities such as Law Day and Take Your Child To Work Day