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State of New Jersey, Civil Service Commission
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What is the New Jersey Learning Management System (LMS)?

The New Jersey LMS is a simple to use, web-based software system that delivers alternative and supplemental online educational courses and training.  It also provides substantial backend tracking, reporting, and documentation needed by any organization.  The LMS provides a cost effective, customizable experience for both employees and managers, and seamlessly compliments traditional classroom training.

How can the LMS meet an organization's particular training needs?

The LMS provides a cost effective, just-in-time solution for training.  Using the many features and courses available, management has the tools to empower its employees with the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to meet agency performance objectives.  By using the LMS learning path and course management features, managers can plan customized goals, objectives, and skill development exercises for individual employees and receive progress reports.  The following are some of the system features of the LMS that help managers achieve their training and development objectives:

•    Ability to upload agency specific-information
•    Customizable user groups
•    Assignment of learning plans
•    Ability to administer and track training
•    Reporting capabilities
•    Automated email notification
•    Ability to print certificates and records of completion

What is available via the LMS?

Free policy and general training courses:

We also offer a subscription service which provides access to over 3,000 Skillsoft® training courses.


What does the Skillsoft® subscription offer?

Skillsoft®, available on the LMS, is one of the largest providers of online eLearning content and uses multiple modes of interactive instruction, videos, and practical simulations to engage all learners. Their courseware catalog offers thousands of courses covering a wide range of topics, in two distinct subscription offerings.  The Complete Collection courseware includes a broad range of Business, IT and Desktop topics. The Legal Compliance courseware addresses training needs in risk areas such as workplace violence, code of conduct, harassment, EEO and data privacy.   

Click here for more information

Is the LMS easy to use?

Yes! The system is appropriate for both technical and non-technical employees in our agency, because it employs a simple and intuitive user-friendly interface. It is neither overwhelming, nor a burden for employees or managers. The LMS is a complete, secure, web-based training solution that includes systems training and support available from the New Jersey Civil Service Commission (CSC).


How does LMS eLearning compare to traditional classroom training?

The LMS and Skillsoft® subscriptions both compliment and reinforce the classroom-based training that the CSC provides.

Traditional classroom training opportunities will always be a vital part of the success and skill development of New Jersey's public employee workforce; the LMS is a key element in meeting the learning needs of today's employees through a blended learning model.

For more information on classroom-based course offerings, please visit our website:


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