August 2008

Call for Nominations Seventh Annual Innovation in Governance Awards

Dear Mayor:

The New Jersey Department Community Affairs and the League of Municipalities continue to recognize Innovation in Governance through an annual awards program.  We invite you to submit nominations for the award program based on this year’s theme - “Innovations in Local Government Energy Initiatives.”

This award program was established to highlight exemplary local government programs that provide innovative and practical approaches to solving municipal problems and concerns.  At the same time, we will share these innovative approaches with municipal leaders throughout the state at the 93rd Annual League of Municipalities Conference Mayor’s Luncheon on November 19, 2008 at the Sheraton Hotel, Atlantic City.

This year there are three separate categories for which municipalities may submit nominations:  
1. Energy Conservation in the 21st Century
2. Innovative Local Use of Clean and/or Sustainable Energy
3. Shared Energy Technology and Services

Click here to download your application.  Applications can also be downloaded from the New Jersey League of Municipalities’ website at

Since the nomination deadline is October 10, 2008, we encourage you to forward this information to all the appropriate people in your municipality today so they may meet this deadline.

If you have any questions on the Innovation in Governance awards, please contact Susan Jacobucci in the Department of Community Affairs at (609) 292-6613.

With regards,

Joseph V. Doria
Department of Community Affairs
William G. Dressel, Jr.
Executive Director
New Jersey State League of Municipalities

2008 Innovation in Governance Awards Application (pdf)