Landlord-Tenant Information Service staff research statutory and case law to develop publications that help both landlords and tenants understand their rights and responsibilities. The principal publication is  Truth-in-Renting, which landlords are required to distribute to their tenants.  Truth-in-Renting  is also available in Spanish. Both versions may be downloaded from this website.  Copies are also available for purchase (see below for order information)A number of other publications are also available from this website.

The Landlord-Tenant Information Service publishes protected tenancy income limits pursuant to both the Senior Citizens and Disabled Protected Tenancy Act and the Tenant Protection Act of 1992. Current income figures, together with explanatory material, are also available.

Long Term Tax Exemption Urban Renewal Entity approvals pursuant to the Long Term Tax Exemption Law as well as amendments to existing Limited Dividend and Non-Profit Housing Corporations and Associations and projects are done through this office.  Click here for more information on
Long Term Tax Exemptions-Urban Renewal Entities.

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