The following information may be useful to individuals pursuing a license or certification course of study through one of NJ's institutes of higher education.


Uniform Construction Code

Community College Contact List
UCC College Course Offerings 

Construction Official Commentary

Program Manual for Technical Assistants

UCC Municipal Procedures Manual

Part I 

Table of contents thru Notice, Orders and Appeals, plus Appendix A

Part II

Appendix B-Form listing and Standard Forms UCC-F100

thru UCC-F390

Part III

Appendix B-Standard Logs UCC-L700 thru UCC-L730

Part IV

Appendix B-Standard Reports UCC-R800 thru UCC-R840, plus

Appendix C-Print Specifications

Part V

Appendix D- The construction Process-Flowcharted

Hotel & Multiple Dwelling/ Housing Code

Multiple Dwelling College Course Offerings