Provide funds for economic development, housing rehabilitation, community revitalization and public facilities designated to benefit people of low and moderate-income or prevent or eliminate slums and blight or to address recent local needs for which no other source of funding is available.

Assistance Provided To:

Non-entitlement counties and municipalities [Word Doc 102kB]

Type of Assistance:


Funding Source: 

U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Award Period: 

July 1 to June 30.

Procedure for Applying:

Submission of an Application (SAGE).

Application Deadline: 

Circulated to all eligible governments - September 6, 2013

Date of Notification: 



Terry Schrider - (609) 633-6283 

Mailing Address:

Small Cities Community Development Block Grant Program
New Jersey Department of Community Affairs
Division of Housing and Community Resources
P.O. Box 811, 5th floor
101 South Broad Street
Trenton, NJ 08625-0811

Small Cities Program 2014 PERs:
Small Cities (CDBG) Performance Evaluation Report [pdf 1.53mB]

Small Cities Program 2013 PERs:
Notice - Small Cities (CDBG) Performance Evaluation Report [pdf 13kB]
NJ CDBG PER FFY 2007 - 2012 [722 kB]

Small Cities Program 2012 PERs:
Notice - Small Cities (CDBG) Performance Evaluation Report [pdf 7kB]
NJ CDBG PER FFY 2006 - 2011 [Excel 537kB]
Appendix Activity Summary FFY 2011 [pdf 327kB]

Small Cities Program Notice:
New Jersey Community Development Block Grant-Recovery (CDBG-R) Amendment 4-30-12 [pdf 282kB]
New Jersey Community Development Block Grant-Recovery (CDBG-R) Amendment [pdf 81kB]
SC (CDBG) Notice: 2011 Performance Evaluation Report [pdf 9kB]

Small Cities Program 2011 PERs
SC (CDBG) 2011 Performance Evaluation Report FY 2005-2010 and Program Activity Summary [pdf 399kB]

Index of Additional Small Cities CDBG and CDBG-DR (Hurricane Irene) Information

E-mail to Us
Small Cities SAGE Links
Program Applications
Small Cities Program General Information
Low and Moderate Income Census Information
Real Property Acquisition
Citizen Participation
Environmental Review
Civil Rights/Fair Housing
Grant Management
Labor Standards 
Program Accomplishments
Federal Assurances [Word Doc 59kB]
Links to Other Agencies 
CDBG-Disaster Recovery (DR), Hurricane Irene 

Small Cities Program Final Plan
State Fiscal Year 2015 Small Cities CDBG Draft Final Plan [pdf 130kB]
State Fiscal Year 2014 Small Cities CDBG Draft Final Plan [pdf 105kB]
State Fiscal Year 2013 Small Cities CDBG Draft Final Plan [pdf 230kB]
State Fiscal Year 2012 Small Cities CDBG Final Plan [pdf 63kB]
2009 NJ CDBG-R Substantial Amendment [pdf 166kB]

Small Cities Program Applications
Small Cities CDBG Program Applications (SAGE)
Emergency Housing Repair Fund Application Package [Word Doc 79kB]


Small Cities Program General Information
Eligible Small Cities Counties & Municipalities [Word Doc 102kB]
NJ Small Cities Program - Income Survey Instructions [pdf 31kB]
New 2014 HUD Income Limits are available.
Community Development Block Grant laws and regulations (General) 

Low and Moderate Income Census Information
2000 Census Data by Tract and Block Group [Excel File 495kB]
Town-Wide 2000 Census Data [pdf 16kB]
Dictionary for Low and Moderate Income Summary Data
2000 Census Maps 

Acquisition of Real Property
Acquisition of Real Property Handbook [Word Doc 30kB]

Citizen Participation
Sample First Hearing Notice [Word Doc 25kB]
Sample Performance Hearing Notice [Word Doc 5kB]
Citizen Participation Plan Resolution [Word Doc 5kB]
State Citizen Participation Plan [Word Doc 9kB]
Citizens Participation Handbook [Word Doc 15kB]

Environmental Review
Environmental Review Handbook [Word Doc 34kB]
Environmental Review Record Format [Word Doc 27kB]
Notice of Intent to Request Release of Funds (sample public notice) - To be used for Categorically Excluded projects only [pdf 86kB]
Notice of Finding of No Significant Impact and Notice of Intent to Request Release of Funds - (sample combined public notice) - To be used for Environmental Assessment level projects only [pdf 87kB]
Request for Release of Funds and Environmental Certification [Word Doc]

Civil Rights/Fair Housing
Fair Housing Resolution [Word Doc 3kB]
Fair Housing Complaints (Federal)
Fair Housing Law (Federal)
Fair Housing Law (State)
Fair Housing Complaints (State)
Civil Rights Handbook [Word Doc 196kB]
Civil Rights - New Program Regulations [pdf 256kB]

Grant Management
Grant Management Handbook [Word Doc 27kB]
Monitoring System Policies and Procedures [Word Doc 13kB]
Sample Monitoring Forms [Word Doc 25kB]

Labor Standards
Notice to Employees Poster (for jobsite)
Notice to Employees Poster in Spanish
Hud Form 4010 -Federal Labor Standards Language for inclusion in bidding docs 
Federal Prevailing Wage Rate Decisions
Contractors Guide to Davis Bacon 
Payroll Certification Form WH347 and Compliance Statement 
Payroll Certification Form WH347 Instructions (new form)
Employee Interview 
DCA acknowledgement language for bid advertisement [Word Doc 4kB]
Labor Standards Handbook [Word Doc 269kB]

Minority Business Enterprise Form
SCCDBG MBE - HUD form 2516 [xls 88kB]

Section 3 Residents Form
HUD Section 3 Requirements (from Handbook) [pdf 87kB]
Section 3 summary Form [xls 100kB]

Program Accomplishments
Egg Harbor City 

CDBG-Disaster Recovery (DR), Hurricane Irene
December 5, 2014 - Notice for the NJ CDBG-DR Program - Action Plan Amendment #2 for Hurricane Irene [pdf 147kB]
Action Plan Amendment #2 - NJ CDBG-DR for Hurricane Irene [pdf 793kB]
CDBG-DR Public Notice [pdf 66kB]
Method of Distribution [pdf 24kB]
Action Plan - CDBG-DR [pdf 216kB]
Amended Action Plan - CDBG-DR Version 6
Amended Action Plan - CDBG-DR Version 6 Spanish version
Plan de Acción - CDBG-DR Versión en Español [pdf 338kB]
Pre Application SC CDBG-DR [Word Doc 62kB]
CDBG-DR Tables Passaic County [xls 18kB]
CDBG-DR Table - NJ State Wide [xls 34kB]
Application Instructions - CDBG-DR [pdf 2.51mB]
New Jersey CDBG-DR Waiver Request [pdf 329kB]
CDBG-DR FAQ's & Draft Responses [pdf 231kB]
Citizen Participation Plan 3-13-13 [pdf 344kb]
Estado de Nueva Jersey Plan de Participación Ciudadana [pdf 200kB]

Grant Management
Grant Management Handbook [pdf 59kB]
Environmental Review Handbook [pdf 108kB]
Labor Standards Handbook [pdf 129kB]
Acquisition of Real Property Handbook [pdf 29kB]
Civil Rights Requirements [pdf 84kB]
Grant File Checklist [pdf 91kB]
Monitoring Policy and Procedures [pdf 57kB]
Blank Monitoring Forms [pdf 81kB]

Quarterly Performance Report
CDBG-DR (Irene) QPR Q3 2014 [85kB]
CDBG-DR (Irene) QPR Q2 2014 [113kB]
CDBG-DR (Irene) QPR Q1 2014 [pdf 113kB]

CDBG-DR (Irene) QPR Q4 2013 [pdf 111kB]
CDBG-DR (Irene) QPR Q3 2013 [pdf 118kB]
CDBG-DR (Irene) QPR Q2 2013 [pdf 117kB]
CDBG-DR (Irene) QPR Q1 2013 [pdf 52kB]

CDBG-DR (Irene) QPR Q4 2012 [pdf 73kB)

Lead Paint
HUD's Lead Paint Information
HUD/EPA Fact Sheet on Lead

New Jersey Department of Community Affairs Web Links
New Jersey Department of Community Affairs
New Jersey Green Homes Office 


Links to Other Agencies
U.S. Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Web Page
U.S. Census Bureau
U.S. Economic Development Administration
U.S. Rural Development - New Jersey State Office

New Jersey State Historic Preservation Office
New Jersey Economic Development Agency
New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
New Jersey Pinelands Commission
South Jersey Economic Development District