Program Description
Shelter Exit Program provides security deposits and rental assistance to victims of domestic violence and their children who are currently living in shelters or in transitional housing facilities. Its main goal is to move women living in shelters and transitional units into permanent housing - a place they can call home and a place to start their lives over, free from domestic violence.

Participants must be referred to DCA by a Lead Domestic Violence Agency and their income cannot exceed 80% of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development' (HUD) median income for the area in which she chooses to live.

How The Program Works
The New Jersey Department of Community Affairs (DCA) Division on Women (DOW) and the Division of Housing (DH) have partnered to make SHE practical and available to women who need help. The divisions will work closely with domestic violence women's shelters statewide to provide program training to shelter staff and will allocate short-and-long-term housing assistance to women who have come to their shelters for assistance.

  • Short-term assistance provides help with security deposit and up to two months rent.
  • Long-term assistance provides help with security deposit and up to two-year rental subsidy.