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Medicaid Extension: Youth involved with DCP&P will have Medicaid coverage until their case is closed. Medicaid Extension is available to young adults ages 18-21 who were in a DCP&P placement on their 18th birthday. Medicaid Extension for young adults can be accessed once the DCP&P case is closed by calling 1-888-235-4766.

The Medicaid Extension for Young Adults (MEYA) provides continued Medicaid coverage for an adolescent who meets all of the following requirements: 

  • The youth was living in a Division of Child Protection and Permanency placement and turned 18 years old on or after October 1, 2000  
  • Meets Medicaid eligibility requirements, except for income.

Coverage is given regardless of income until the adolescent’s 21st birthday. A toll-free number is available for further information about MEYA: 1-888-235-4766.