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Local Government and Nonprofit Acquisition Policies

The following guidance documents explain policies relating to Green Acres funded local/nonprofit acquisition projects. These are based on frequently asked questions on specific issues. They are meant to supplement the procedural information provided by Green Acres staff throughout the course of an acquisition project. Feel free to contact Green Acres with any questions or suggestions for additional policy guidance documents.

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Appraisal Issues

Allocation of Value for Partnerships (PDF, 68 KB)
Procedure for allocating the value of a property that is being acquired with a divided interest

Appraisal Questionnaire (Word, 84 KB)
Includes instructions for appraisals, the Pre-Appraisal Fact Sheet, and Project Reference Map Checklist

Hypothetical Land Value Policy (PDF, 76 KB)
Green Acres policy on the Hypothetical Land Value and Green Acres eligible land costs

List of Green Acres Approved Appraisers (Link to PDF and Word versions)

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Eligibility Issues

COAH and Green Acres (PDF, 69 KB)
Coordination with the Council on Affordable Housing

Easements and Meaningful Public Access (PDF, 68 KB)
Policy for situations where an easement is being purchased without full public access

Encroachments (PDF, 60 KB)
Policy for resolving encroachments on project sites

FEMA and Green Acres (PDF, 389 KB)
Procedure for projects funded by FEMA

Matching Share, Donations and Credits (PDF, 108 KB)
Guide to funding, including allowable sources of matching funds, and donation “credit” policy

Partnerships (PDF, 102 KB)
Guide to multi-party acquisitions

Structures (PDF, 60 KB)
Policies for the acquisition of properties with structures, including inspection for Historic Structures and demolition

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Deed Checklist (PDF, 52 KB)
Instructions for preparing deeds

Preliminary Assessments (PDF, 82 KB)
Preliminary Assessment procedure

Present Condition Report Checklist (PDF, 60 KB)
Checklist for Present Condition Reports, required for all easement acquisitions

Survey Guidelines (PDF, 53 KB )
Information about required deliverables, and copy of Local and Nonprofit Land Survey Overview

Title Insurance Checklist (PDF, 76KB)
Checklist of items needed for title insurance binders and policies

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