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Division of Land Use Regulation
State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

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Forms, Checklists and Other Documents

  • General
  • Freshwater
  • Streams/Rivers
    & Flood Hazard
  • Coastal
  • Tidelands
  • Mitigation
  • Highlands
  • Model Deed

Forms for all Land Use Programs

Description Updated File
DLUR Application Form: Every application must use this form 07/29/2016 lur_021
List of fees for the various types of applications. 09/13/2017 lur_022
Administrative Appeals Hearing Request
"Adjudicatory Hearing Request Checklist and Tracking Form"
10/19/2016 lur_024
Request for an Application Fee Refund 6/11/2014 lur_030
Pre-Application Request Requirements 1/30/2014 lur_032

Freshwater Wetlands

Checklists and Fee Tables: Description Updated File Name Format

All General Permit Authorizations except for repair of malfunctioning septic systems

11/3/2017 fw_001
General Permit Authorizations for repair of malfunctioning septic system 11/3/2017 fw_002

Letter of Interpretation

3/1/2016 fw_003

Electronic Submittal: Letter of Interpretation

3/1/2016 fw_003_e

Electronic Submittal: Letter of Interpretation - Owner Certification

9/1/2015 fw_018_e

Letter of Interpretation - Extension

2/2/2015 fw_004

Individual Freshwater Wetlands Permit/Individual Open Water Fill Permit

11/3/2017 fw_005

Transition Area Waiver

11/3/2017 fw_006
Transition Area Waiver - Exemption 5/20/2011 fw_007
Attachment A - Model Letter:Notice to Neighboring Landowners 5/20/2011 fw_008
Attachment B - Model Newspaper Advertisement 10/6/2008 fw_009
Attachment C - Known Locations of Swamp Pink in NJ 5/2011 fw_010
Attachment D - Known Locations of Bog Turtles in NJ 5/2011 fw_011
Attachment E - Hardship Transition Area Waiver 10/6/2008 fw_012
Attachment F- Organizations to be contacted for the sale of property 10/6/2008 fw_013
Other Documents: Description Updated File Name Format
Vernal Habitat Protocol 5/12/02 fw_014
Vernal Habitat Data Sheet 11/14/01 fw_015

Streams/Rivers & Flood Hazard

Checklist: Description Updated File Name Format
Applicability Determination 06/20/16 fh_001
General Permit #1 06/20/16 fh_003
General Permit #2 06/20/16 fh_013
General Permit #3 06/20/16 fh_014
General Permit #4 06/20/16 fh_015
General Permit #5 06/20/16 fh_016
General Permit #6 06/20/16 fh_017
General Permit #7 06/20/16 fh_018
General Permit #8 06/20/16 fh_019
General Permit #9 06/20/16 fh_020
General Permit #10 06/20/16 fh_021
General Permit #11 06/20/16 fh_022
General Permit #12 06/20/16 fh_023
General Permit #13 07/31/16 fh_024
Major Technical Modification 06/20/16 fh_028
Minor Technical Modification 06/20/16 fh_027
Administrative Modification 06/20/16 fh_025
Extension 10/13/17 fh_026
Individual Permit 10/13/17 fh_006
Verification 10/13/17 fh_002
Document: Description Updated File Name Format
Stream Cleaning Guidelines 7/12/2017 fh_012
List Of Threatened and Endangered Species that are Critically Dependent on Regulated Waters for Survival 5/15/08 fh_009
Construction Report 3/24/15 fh_010


Checklists for the Flood Hazard General Permits-by-Certification

Coastal Permitting

Checklist: Description Updated File Name Format
Waterfront Development and/or Coastal Wetlands Permit 11/16 cp_001 Word
Waterfront Development Law Exemption Request ("Zane Letter") 8/24/15 cp_002 Word
CAFRA Exemption 8/24/15 cp_003 Word
Jurisdictional Request Form for Waterfront Development, CAFRA & Wetlands Act of 1970 8/24/15 cp_006 Word
Application for a Minor or Major Technical Modification of an Existing General Permit Authorization or Individual Permit 9/15 cp_009 Word
Application Requirements for an Administrative Modification of an Existing General Permit Authorization or Individual Permit 9/15 cp_034 Word
CAFRA Individual Permit Application 8/24/15 cp_011 Word
Request for an Extension of a General Permit or Individual Permit Authorization 8/24/15 cp_033 Word
Request for Reconsideration of the Application of the Coastal Zone Management Rules 9/15 cp_012 Word
Amusement pier expansion Nov. 2015 cp_gp01 PDF
Beach and dune maintenance activities April 2017 cp_gp02 PDF
Voluntary reconstruction of certain residential or commercial development Nov. 2015 cp_gp03 PDF
Development of one or two single-family homes or duplexes Nov. 2015 cp_gp04 PDF
Expansion or reconstruction (with or without expansion) of a single-family home or duplex Nov. 2015 cp_gp05 PDF
Construction of a bulkhead and placement of associated fill on a man-made lagoon Nov. 2015 cp_gp06 PDF
Construction of a revetment at a single-family home or duplex lot
Nov. 2015 cp_gp07 PDF
Construction of gabions at a single-family or duplex lot Nov. 2015 cp_gp08 PDF
Construction of support facilities at legally existing and operating marinas Nov. 2015 cp_gp09 PDF
Reconstruction of a legally existing functioning bulkhead Nov. 2015 cp_gp10 PDF
Investigation, cleanup, removal or remediation of hazardous substances Nov. 2015 cp_gp11 PDF
Landfall of utilities Nov. 2015 cp_gp12 PDF
Construction of recreational facilities at public parks Nov. 2015 cp_gp13 PDF
Bulkhead construction and placement of associated fill at a single-family home or duplex lot Nov. 2015 cp_gp14 PDF
Construction of piers, docks, jet ski ramps, pilings and boatlifts in man-made lagoons Nov. 2015 cp_gp15 PDF
Minor maintenance dredging in man-made lagoons Nov. 2015 cp_gp16 PDF
Stabilization of eroded shorelines Nov. 2015 cp_gp17 PDF
Avian nesting structures Nov. 2015 cp_gp18 PDF
Modification of existing electrical substations Nov. 2015 cp_gp19 PDF
Legalization of the filling of tidelands Nov. 2015 cp_gp20 PDF
Construction of telecommunication towers Nov. 2015 cp_gp21 PDF
Construction of certain structures related to the tourism industry at hotels and motels, commercial developments and multi-family residential developments over 75 units Nov. 2015 cp_gp22 PDF
Geotechnical survey borings Nov. 2015 cp_gp23 PDF
Habitat creation, restoration, enhancement and living shoreline activities Nov. 2015 cp_gp24 PDF
Construction of one to three wind turbines less than 200 feet in height and having a cumulative rotor swept area no greater than 4,000 square feet Nov. 2015 cp_gp25 PDF
Construction of wind turbines less than 250 feet in height and having a cumulative rotor swept area no greater than 20,000 square feet Nov. 2015 cp_gp26 PDF
Dredging of sand from a man-made lagoon deposited as a result of a storm event for which the Governor declared a State of Emergency Nov. 2015 cp_gp27 PDF
Dredging of material from a waterway at a residential or commercial development deposited as a result of the failure of a bulkhead as a consequence of a storm event for which the Governor declared a State of Emergency Nov. 2015 cp_gp28 PDF
Dredging and management of material from a marina deposited as a result of a storm event for which the Governor declared a state of Emergency Nov. 2015 cp_gp29 PDF
Commercial shellfish aquaculture activities Nov. 2015 cp_gp30 PDF
Placement of shell within shellfish lease areas Nov. 2015 cp_gp31 PDF
Application of pesticide within coastal wetlands to control invasive plant species Nov. 2015 cp_gp32 PDF
Form to develop the Sediment Sampling and Analysis Plan (SSAP) for proposed dredging projects 11/9/16 cp_035 Word
Document: Description Updated File Name Format
CAFRA: A Guide for Single Family & Duplex Homeowners (Coming February 2017) Unavailable cp_007
Permit by Rule: A Guide for Single Family/Duplex Homeowners &amp Construction Code Officials (This document is unavailable at the moment and will return after it has been updated.) 12/2000 cp_008

Tidelands Program

Applications and Forms Updated File Name Format
License Application Form 3/19/2013 TD_020
License Renewal Application Form 3/19/2013 TD_013
Grant Application Form 3/19/2013 TD_018
Statement of No Interest Form (SNI) Application 3/19/2013 TD_021
Lease Application Form 3/19/2013 TD_019
License Assignment Form 3/19/2013 TD_017
Organization Data Form 3/19/2013 TD_014
Affidavit of Title 3/19/2013 TD_015
Signature Addendum Page 3/19/2013 TD_016
Application Forms with Instruction & Guidance Updated File Name Format
License Application Package 3/19/2013 TD_028
Grant Application Package 3/19/2013 TD_026
Statement of No Internest (SNI) Application Package 3/19/2013 TD_029
Lease Application Package 3/19/2013 TD_027
Tideland Resource Council (TRC) Resolutions/Policies Updated File Name
Homes over Water Conveyances (Adopted 12/1/10) 2/17/2011 TD_007
Upland Property Valuation - - Commercial/Industrial and Residential Upland Licenses (Adopted 12/1/10) 2/17/2011 TD_002
Boat Club Resolution (Adopted 11/03/10) 2/17/2011 TD_001
Bridge Policy (Adopted 11/3/10) 2/17/2011 TD_004
Condominium Policy (Adopted 11/3/10) 2/17/2011 TD_003
Grant Re-consideration Policy (Adopted 11/03/10) 2/17/2011 TD_006
Residential Licenses - Water Stuctures only (Adopted 11/03/10) 2/17/2011 TD_011
Utility or Utility Related Projects (Adopted 10/06/10) 2/17/2011 TD_012
Special Council Resolutions Adopted (Adopted 6/2/10)
- Good Faith Discount
- Council License Approval
- Elimination of One Way Fee Adjustement for Licenses/Leases
2/17/2011 TD_008
Aquaculture License Fee Policy (Adopted 3/3/10) 2/17/2011 TD_009
Resolution: Marina Policy (Adopted 3/3/10) 2/17/2011 TD_010
Resolution: Revised Outfall Policy (Adopted 4/4/13) 4/4/2013 TD_030

Checklists & Documents for Proposed Mitigation

Checklist for Completion: Description Updated File Name Format
Creation, Restoration or Enhancement for a Freshwater Wetland Mitigation Proposal 01/02/13 mit_001
Single Family Homeowner Monetary Contribution 08/26/15 mit_002
Wetland Mitigation Monitoring Project 01/02/13 mit_003
Coastal Wetland Mitigation Monitoring 01/02/13 mit_004
Creation, Restoration or Enhancement for a Coastal Wetland Mitigation Proposal 01/02/13 mit_005
Upland Preservation Proposal 08/26/15 mit_006
Wetland Mitigation Bank Proposal 01/02/13 mit_007
Conceptual Wetland Mitigation Bank Proposal 01/02/13 mit_008
Land Donation Proposal 01/02/13 mit_009
Monetary Contribution Proposal 08/26/15 mit_010
Riparian Zone Mitigation Checklist 09/19/16 mit_041
Document: Description Updated File Name Format
Regionalized Water-Budget Manual for Compensatory Wetland Mitigation Sites in New Jersey 07/22/08 mit_011
USACE/NJDEP Joint Conservation Restriction - Routine 03/24/15 mit_012
USACE/NJDEP Joint Conservation Restriction - Non-Routine/Mitigation Banks 03/24/15 mit_013
Wetland Mitigation Project Completion of Construction Form 01/02/13 mit_014
Wetlands Mitigation Area Model Deed/Conservation Restriction 04/18/13 mit_015
Approved Mitigation Banks 03/02/15 mit_016

Documents for a Highlands Application

Checklists, Fee Tables, and Forms Updated File Name Format
HAD - Highlands Applicability Determination Application 11/2017 HC_001 PDF
Highlands Jurisdictional Determination 7/2014 HC_002 PDF
HAD - Highlands Applicability Determination Checklist 11/2017 HC_003 PDF
Highlands Resource Area Determination (HRAD) Checklist 7/2014 HC_004 PDF
Highlands Pre-application Meeting Checklist 11/2016 HC_005 PDF
Highlands General Permit Checklist 2/2016 HC_006 PDF
Highlands Preservation Area Approval (HPAA) Application Checklist 2/2016 HC_007 PDF
Highlands Attachment A  Model Letter – Notice to Neighboring Landowners 7/2014 HC_008 PDF
Highlands Attachment B  Model Newspaper Advertisement 7/2014 HC_009 PDF
Notice of Highlands Applicability Determination 7/2014 HC_010 PDF
Highlands Preservation Area Approval Fee Schedule 9/2017 HC_011 PDF

Model Deed Restrictions

Conservation Restriction/Easement Description Updated


Dune Area & Adjacent Beach Area 01/01/2016 lur_010
Dune Area 07/29/2016 lur_011
Forest Preservation Area 01/01/2016 lur_012
Riparian Zone Compensation 01/01/2016 lur_013
Public Access to the Waterfront 01/01/2016 lur_014
Shellfish Habitat Area 01/01/2016 lur_015
Shoreprotection Structure Area 01/01/2016 lur_016
Stormwater Management Strategies Protection Area 01/01/2016 lur_017
Special Water Resource Protection Area 01/01/2016 lur_018
Freshwater Wetlands Transition Area & Associated Wetlands 05/01/2016 lur_019
Freshwater Wetlands Transition Area Only 01/01/2016 lur_020
Appurtenant to Highlands Preservation Area Approval 04/18/2013 lur_025
Wetlands Mitigation Area Model Deed/Conservation Restriction 01/01/2016 mit_015

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