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February 24, 2011 - [SRRA] March 1, 2011 - Important Regulatory Time Frame


Date & Time: 2/24/2011 5:09 PM
Subject [SRRA] March 1, 2011 - Important Regulatory Time Frame

This message is being sent to advise you that if you are a person responsible for conducting remediation at a contaminated site you may be required to comply with the upcoming March 1, 2011 regulatory time frame.*

The March 1, 2011 regulatory time frame was established by the February 22, 2011 adoption of rule amendments to the Technical Requirements for Site Remediation, N.J.A.C. 7:26E. You must comply with the ***March 1, 2011*** time frame for submittal of the following reports and forms if they are applicable to your site:

  1. The Initial Receptor Evaluation report is required for ***all cases*** (except unregulated heating oil tank (UHOT) cases and cases that are only required to submit biennial certifications).
  2. The Preliminary Assessment and Site Investigation (PA/SI) report is required for ISRA and whole-site remediation cases, or just the SI Site Investigation report is required for regulated UST cases.
  3. The Light Non-Aqueous Phase Liquid (LNAPL) Interim Remedial Measures report is for sites where free product is or was present at the site on or after November 4, 2009 and up to and including March 1, 2010. More information on LNAPL reporting will be available via the SRP SRRA Web site by close of business Friday 25, 2011.
  4. The Immediate Environmental Concern (IEC) Source Control Measures report is for sites where an IEC condition has been identified.

* The March 1, 2011 regulatory time frames described above ***will not apply*** if any of these conditions were/are identified after March 1, 2010. The regulatory time frame for any of these conditions identified after March 1, 2010 is one (1) year after the condition is identified.

For more information about regulatory time frames please go to The required reporting forms can be obtained at

If you miss a regulatory time frame, and have not requested an extension you are subject to enforcement actions including fines and penalties. You may request an extension of a regulatory time frame by submitting a Remediation Timeframe Extension Request form available at Persons responsible for conducting the remediation should also be aware that the mandatory time frame for submission of each of the above reports due by March 1, 2011 is March 1, 2012. Failure to submit the required reports by this mandatory time frame will automatically place those cases into direct oversight by the Department pursuant to the Site Remediation Reform Act, N.J.S.A. 58:10C-27.

The updated "courtesy copies" of the ARRCS Rules and the Technical Requirements Rules will be posted on the SRP Web site by the close of business Friday February 25, 2011.

SRP Site Remediation Reform Act (SRRA) Web site: