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State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
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Water Conservation
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Gate Tube Toilet Water Saver The Energy and Environmental Technology Verification (EETV) Program, by the New Jersey Legislature to help facilitate the development and use of cost effective technologies that prevent environmental pollution.  The  EETV engaged the non-profit New Jersey Corporation for Advanced Technologies (NJCAT) to insure that these technologies function as manufacturers claim. NJCAT performs this verification review and NJDEP certifies the beneficial environmental effect of the technology.

Savings with a Gate Tube Toilet Water SaverOne such technology that has been certified is the Gate Tube Toilet Water Save, which was designed and been proven to save thousands of gallons of residential water use per year. On April 24, 2012 the LNS industries Inc., a New Jersey based company, was awarded Certificate of Performance in support of the water conservation appliance trademarked as the Gate Tube Toilet Water Saver.

Independent tests, in compliance with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Standards A11.19.2-2008/CSA B45.1-08, were performed by Stevens Institute of Technology’s Center for Environmental Systems.  The results showed that  the Gate Tube Toilet Water Saver device saves between 7.48 – 27.4% of water on existing toilets, depending on the type of toilet.  Moreover, units equipped with the Gate Tube Toilet Water Saver satisfied the performance criteria by ASME Standards.

For more information on the Gate Tube Toilet Water Saver go to

  • View video on why you should care.
  • New Jersey is viewed as a "water-rich" state because of its plentiful average rainfall, but our population density and growing thirst for water outdoors increasingly stress our water supply;
  • Using water efficiently will save you money, help protect the environment, and conserve supplies for future generations;
  • Protecting and preserving our water supply is critical to our economic future and to protect human health and safety;
  • Conserving water through simple changes– like turning the faucet off when brushing teeth and washing dishes -  can have a large impact overall;
  • Using water efficiently and not over-watering lawns and landscapes can dramatically reduce water waste – the water savings may prevent the need for water use restrictions during hot, dry weather;  
  • Purchasing water efficient fixtures and appliances, such as WaterSense labeled products, offer equivalent or superior performance to water intensive products;
  • 'Water- A Matter of Importance' video with this caption: "Click on the 'Water- A Matter of Importance' video to hear the State's leading experts discuss NJ's water supply and the need for conservation."

Learn about the benefits of water efficiency and find links to related resources and federal and state programs.

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