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New Jersey 21st Century Community Learning Centers, Soaring Beyond Expectations, Aferschool Programs

New Jersey Department of Education Office of Student Support Services 21st Century Community Learning Centers Program and Out-of-School Time Resources
New Jersey 21st Century Community Learning Centers, Soaring Beyond Expectations, Aferschool Programs

Ezra L. Nolan M.S.#40 / 21st CCLC

Francine Luce
88 Gates Ave.
Jersey City, NJ 07305
Fax:  201-946-2162

County:  Hudson

Servicing School District: Jersey City

CLC Sites:  M.S.#40

Partners:  St. Peter's University, Jersey City Free Public Library, Jersey City Department of Recreation, African American Museum

Serving Grade Level: 6, 7, 8

No. of Students to be served:  201

No. of Adults to be Served:  151

Times of Services: After school: 3:30 PM – 6:30PM : Summer: 8AM - 1PM

Jersey City Public Schools Twenty-First Century Community Learning Centers Jersey City Public Schools and Saint Peter's University have formed a strategic partnership to operate a Twenty-First Century Community Learning Center at Ezra L. Nolan 40 Middle School in Jersey City.  The school scored at the 3 percentile level on the New Jersey Department of Education ranking of schools statewide and has been designated as a Priority School.  The partners have selected Career Awareness and Exploration as the theme of the center based on the school's score of zero percent of College and Career Readiness targets met.  Employing the Career Awareness and Exploration theme also provides an effective vehicle for reaching a multitude of the Common Core.

Content Standards and will also serve to address many of the personal development needs of the students including self-esteem, motivation and social skills acquisition.  Saint Peter's University students, serving as university interns in the program, will be positive role models for the Ezra Nolan students.  This proposal is designed to help turn around a failing school by effectively employing an Expanded Learning Model at Ezra Nolan.  More than 600 hours of additional learning time will be provided to participating students.  The after school curricula are data-driven and align with the school's instructional goals as mandated in the Schools Strategic Operational Plan and the CAPA Review approved by the New Jersey State Department of Education.  It is expected by May 2018, 70 percent of participating grade six through eight students will meet or exceed the Common Core Standard in reading and mathematics moving from the existing levels of 29 percent in Language Arts Literacy and 30.1 percent in Mathematics.  This five year program will provide a rich array of activities for students in a motivating learning environment.

The project will serve 201 children in grades six through eight and their parents.  The African American Museum, the Jersey City Free Library, the Liberty Science Museum, the Jersey City Department of Recreation will collaborate with the Jersey City Public School District and Saint Peter's University to bring academic remediation, enrichment and character education activities to the students in a secure and supportive environment at their facilities, at Ezra L. Nolan Middle School and on the university campus.  During all after-school and summer activities, whether academic, recreational, cultural or artistic, all children will be placed in groups based on their academic and emotional needs.  Services to families will conclude parenting skills, financial education, computer applications and other services adults may request.  The program will begin on October 1 each year, will follow the school's calendar and will include twenty additional days of programming on the Saint Peter's university campus during the months of June and July.  During the school year the program will begin at 3:30PM and end at 6:30PM each school day.  During the summer the program will begin at 8AM and end at 1PM Monday through Thursday and 8AM to 2PM on Fridays during field trips and off-campus events.