New Jersey Department of Education Office of Student Support Services 21st Century Community Learning Centers Program and Out-of-School Time Resources


Project Director:  Darnell Parker
1000 Atlantic Avenue, 3rd Floor
Camden, NJ 08104
Phone: (856) 225-0511 x.316
Fax: (856) 668-2197
Email: dparker@dueseasoncharterschool.org

County:  Camden

Servicing School District: Camden

CLC Sites: D.U.E. Season Charter School


Serving Grade Level: 4-8

No. of Students to be served: 151-200

No. of Adults to be Served: 100

Times of Services:  Afterschool: 2:45-6:00 PM; Summer: 8AM-12:30 PM(July 1-31, 2013);
                                 Saturdays: 8:00-12:30 PM (July 1-31, 2013)

The 21st Century Community Learning Center Program is a prime opportunity for the students of D.U.E. Season Charter School to enhance their understanding of academic material with a focus on Visual and Performing Arts.  It is also an opportunity to enhance their self-esteem, and to develop their character and physical and emotional acuity.   D.U.E. Season Charter School is located in the heart of Camden, New Jersey, a city named one of the most violent in the nation. 

In addition to providing greatly needed academic support, the 21st Century Community Learning Centers Program provides our students a safe place to play and develop social competency-a place free from the relentless stressors to which they are exposed daily.  Each week, students will participate in each of the required program components:  academic enrichment; academic remediation; health, physical fitness and nutrition; positive youth development; and arts and culture.  This engagement will lead to discovery of the talents they have within; increased academic mastery; and improved demonstrations of social competency.  Parents will be trained in fitness, personal growth, and development as a partner in education.   During the 2012-2013 school year, we look forward to cultivating parental leadership by training them to facilitate parent workshops.  We believe this will result in greater parent ownership of the program; increased parental involvement in activities; and enhanced program sustainability at the end of the grant cycle. 

We also consistently engage with and expand our base of collaborators.  Community collaborators and partners have invested in our youth to help improve the quality of their lives and to prepare them for the future.  
While encouraging constructive peer relationships, opportunities for leadership will arise.  During the 2012-2013 school year, this will be particularly cultivated in the Student Council.  We will devote resources to foster a cadre of student leaders so that our 21st Century participants will take a more active role in shaping the program. 

With the full spectrum of daily activities and projects, all of our students will become engaged in opportunities that they may have never thought possible or fitting to their interests.  Allowing students the chance to experience and develop new interests will expand their understanding of not only the world around them but also build a greater sense of self inside them.  The activities that we provide for our students today may become lifelong interests for them in the future.