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Acheive NJ: Learn. Teah. Lead.

Educator Evaluation in New Jersey


Hot Topics

The Department has posted 2 new Notice of Grant Opportunities (NGOs) to extend the Achievement Coaches program into 2016-17.  Please visit the Achievement Coach page for details and read the press release that announces the grants.

Collaborative Teams Toolkit:
The Office of Evaluation has recently released its Collaborative Teams Toolkit. Designed to support the monitoring and effective use of Student Growth Objectives (SGOs) and other student data, this set of resources is designed to help schools foster successful evidence-based conversations between educators.

2015-16 Evaluation Weights:
On August 5, the Department announced the evaluation weights for 2015-16; all component weights will remain the same as those used in 2014-15. See this memo for more information.

Complete Overviews of AchieveNJ: (Word | Presentation)