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Professional Development

AchieveNJ can support educators' ongoing professional learning and growth in multiple ways, through both the learning that has to occur to implement the system and the learning that is informed by evaluation results.

New! Guidance on Corrective Action Plan Procedures 2015-16

What are some connections between educator evaluation and professional development?

AchieveNJ can support ongoing professional learning and growth in several important ways. First, by defining effective practice, district practice instruments impart a consistency of vocabulary and expectations around high quality teaching and leadership, thus providing a coherent framework for identifying educator needs and organizing supports. Secondly, training on each of the multiple evaluation measures provides educators with professional learning opportunities to connect their practice to student learning needs. Thirdly, observation conferences provide timely, evidence-based feedback to inform individual improvements to practice, while multiple sources of data collected through the evaluation system inform professional development planning. Finally, all of the elements of evaluation contribute to more frequent and focused professional conversations and collaborations around improvements to practice in support of student learning. Districts should capitalize on these connections as they work to promote educator effectiveness in all schools.

How are educator evaluation data used to inform professional development planning at the individual, school and district levels?

At the individual level: Teachers and principals who are rated as Effective or Highly Effective on their annual performance evaluations are required to use evidence from their evaluation to inform at least one goal of their individual professional development plans (PDPs) for the coming year. Those who have lower ratings are required to have a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) in which the goals are defined solely from the evaluation data. Chief School Administrators are required to use evidence from their annual performance evaluations to inform their PDPs.

At the school and district levels: Aggregate data generated from the multiple components of the evaluation system can identify trends and patterns in educator and student performance and thus become a key source of data to guide the planning and resourcing of professional learning activities.

For more information on professional development planning, please refer to the information on the Professional Development website at: (individual) and (school/district)

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