SGO Forms and Documents

The following forms and documents are those most commonly used by educators and those produced for the 2014-15 school year for SGO purposes.  Their use is optional.  A complete set of forms and documents including those published for the 2013-14 school year can be found in the AchieveNJ document library.

  • SGO Overview (PDF): A 2-page overview of the role of SGOs in AchieveNJ.
  • 2.1 Presentation (PPT | PDF): Updated SGO workshop presentation. Supplemental resources can be found in document library.
  • SGO 2.1 Guidebook (PDF | Word): Revised for 2015-16.
  • SGO 2.0 Presentation (PPT | PDF): Designed by and for use by educators to help improve SGO quality.  Supplemental resources can be found in document library.
  • SGO 2.0 Presentation Resource Guide (PDF): Resource packet for SGO 2.0 workshop.
  • SGO Guidebook (PDF | Word): Revised for 2014-15.  Includes information about high quality assessments and target setting to improve SGO quality.
  • SGO Quick Start Guide (PDF): A 2-page guide outlining the SGO process. 
  • 2014-15 SGO Form (PDF | Word): Revised to condense "simple" and "tiered" SGO forms.  Includes sections to help teachers identify and record information for student starting points, record mid-year adjustments to SGOs, and reflect on SGO process in annual conferences.
  • Assessment Blueprint and Completion Guide (PDF | Word): A tool to help teachers plan, develop, and check high-quality assessments.  More information about using this resource can be found in SGO 2.0 presentation.
  • SGO Quality Rating Rubric (PDF | Word): Updated for 2014-15 with more specific information on assessment quality and using multiple measures of student starting points.
  • Assessing and Adjusting SGOs (Word | PDF): Document describing the value of assessing submitted SGOs for quality and making adjustments as needed before the February 15th deadline. Includes a suggested method for inspecting SGO quality.
  • Evaluating SGO Quality Presentation (PPT | PDF)Presentation that can be used to assist a team that is assessing SGO quality. Describes the components of a high quality SGO with SGO samples of varying quality
  • Mid-course Check In (PDF | Word): Form to guide SGO discussions between teachers and supervisors.