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Classroom Activity (emphasis on assessment)
Visual and Performing Arts - Middle School
Realism Cubism Painting Cubism
| Overview | Student | Teacher | Student exemplar
Cubism Painting
Jointly developed by
Dale Schmid
Visual and Performing Arts Coordinator, NJDOE
Jersey City Public Schools
Department of Visual & Performing Arts
Linda Bauer, Art Specialist & 
Nancy S. Healy, Supervisor of Visual & Performing Arts
    The goal of this particular unit is to emphasize the use of  the rubric as a tool for authentic assessment.  Most art programs are studio based, and still life is a commonly used modality.  In this unit of study, its transformation from realism to cubism is the vehicle through which students are guided through the critiquing process.   Although lessons vary from classroom, the critique process of this activity can be easily replicated to suit any still life or, even, other modality.