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New Jersey Student Learning Standards

Visual and Performing Arts

All About Arts Assessment
  Forms of Assessment
* Written Questions (essay, short answer, completion)
* Observation, from ArtsWork
* Performance Assessment
(and portfolios)
* Teach with the End in Mind (in PPT), from New Hampshire
Characteristics of the Sound Classroom Assessment (in PPT)

Arts Education Assessment Consortium

Video of Dale Schmid
An overview of the dance assessment video
Videos showing assessments
* Dance: Developmental Phases of Technical Proficiency
* Dance:
Comparison of Levels and Styles (lyrical and bravura)

  Various Arts Assessment Examples
Guidelines for Arts Assessment: from the Arts Assessment Training Series (CCSSO: the Council of Chief State School Officers) - PowerPoint.
* Musical Theater Assessment Scoring Guide (in Word)
* Summative Assessment Question (for theater; in Word)
* Creativity and Invention Rubric (in Word)
  The Standards
* National Professional Teaching Standards for Dance Education [PDF]
* New Jersey: matrix of standards and strands (a Web page); continuum of strands and cumulative progress indicators (in Word)
* National Dance Education Organization (NDEO) standards for Early Childhood [PDF] and K-12 model programs (in PDF).
  From Standards to Assessment
Cubism: with 8th grade student examplar

Additional Resources
* Authentic Assessment in the Arts (rubrics for dance, and about assessment for learning; a PDF file; from the Journal of Dance Education).
* Classroom Assessment: Minute by Minute, Day by Day, from Ed Leadership (a 7 page PDF file).