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New Jersey Student Learning Standards

World Languages

New Jersey Supervisors of World Languages*

The New Jersey Supervisors of World Languages Regional Roundtable Initiative serves district supervisors of world languages, curriculum coordinators and other administrators responsible for the implementation of world languages programs in their school districts. The intent of the roundtable initiative is to:

  • Assist supervisors with the ongoing design, assessment and implementation of world languages programs;

  • Provide professional development for instructional improvement based on cognitive research, second language acquisition theories, current practices in second language teaching, and district needs;

  • Promote advocacy for the study of world languages;

  • Work collaboratively with colleagues in other content areas and professional organizations to facilitate standards-based reform in New Jersey schools; and

  • Recognize outstanding supervisory leadership throughout the state.

(*For additional information, consult Supervisors as Agents of Change: Creating Innovative Structures to Support Teaching and Learning in New Jersey Journal of Supervision and Curriculum Development, 2002 edition, Vol. 46 or contact Janis Jensen at (609) 777-4658.)

Ongoing Projects:

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Professional Development:

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