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This information has been preserved for historical purposes. It is not current.

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Visitation Guidance
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Roosevelt Middle School

Roosevelt Middle School
36 Gilbert Place
West Orange, NJ 07052
Frank Corrado

School Operating Times

8:10 am – Homeroom/1st Period Begins
11:34 – 1:10 pm – Advisory and Lunch Programs
2:53 pm – End of Day/Dismissal

Times of the Year That Should be Avoided for Scheduling Site Visits

June is not an ideal month for visitors, otherwise any time is fine.

Preferred Arrival and Departure Times

Visitors should arrive any time after 8:30 am, and can stay until the end of the school day.

Visitation Procedures

Visitors should report to the front office where they will receive a visitor’s pass and directions of where to report.



Frank Corrado, Principal (973-669-5373 x 203)
Lionel Hush, Vice Principal (973-669-5373 x 206)
Carol Sadler, Guidance (973-669-5373 x214)

Directions to School

What You Should Know About This School


Students attend five academic classes for 46 minutes as part of an 8 period day.  Students have physical education alternately meeting with band/chorus/orchestra/art classes. They also have one period of a related arts class that meets every day for either 35 days (7th grade) or 45 days (8th grade). Spanish, Italian, French and Chinese are offered in 8th grade.

Enrollment: 469 Grade Levels: 7-8

Student Demographics

20%     Hispanic                              26%      White
48%     African American                  0%       American Indian
0%       Filipino                                6%       Asian
0%       Pacific Islander                    52%      Free/Reduced Lunch
3.2%    English Learners

Roosevelt Middle School provides a supportive and caring learning community for students and staff.  Roosevelt Middle school features:

Academic Rigor

    •  All 8th grade students receive instruction in either pre-algebra or algebra.
    • Building wide monthly themes drive interdisciplinary connections and instruction.
    • Spanish, Italian, French and Chinese are offered in 8th grade.

Developmental Responsiveness

    • The advisory program supports the curriculum in addressing reading, character education and reinforcement of skills in mathematics and language arts literacy.  There is a very low student to counselor ratio that allows for open communication to occur, as well as to facilitate conversations between students or students with teachers.
    • All students must participate in at least one of the wide offering of extra curricular activities.

Social Equity

    • The increasing diversity of the school has led to students, staff and parents recognizing similarities and differences that are valued. The school is seen as a family by students and staff alike.
    • The school initiated a mentorship program, in collaboration with a community organization, to address and reduce suspensions.

Organizational Structures

    • The school supports grade level teams that meet daily to share insights and concerns about students as well as to articulate curriculum and encourage interdisciplinary activities.
    • Shared leadership supports change and reform.

Rochelle Hendricks, Assistant Commissioner
Division of School Effectiveness Initiatives & Choice, NJ Department of Education, P.O. Box 500, Trenton, NJ 08625