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Allowable Distance Learning Network Aid Expenditures


  • There is no limitation or state approval necessary regarding the carrying forward of DLN Aid.
  • These funds can be moved between accounts as long as they comply with local budget regulations.
  • Leases are allowable.

Examples of Allowable Expenditures

  • Professional development opportunities associated with distance learning activities

    • For example:

      • Internet navigation

      • Web site management

      • Teletechniques for distance learning teaching

    • Website development and management

    • Software and supplies (to maximize the benefits of distance learning activities)

    • Maintenance for technology equipment

    • Staffing

      • Professionals to support educational technology activities (e.g. technology director)

    • Access fees, including Internet service providers

Examples of Equipment

  • Computers:

    • Multimedia computers

      • Server computers for shared files, wireless communication, electronic mail and world wide web communication

  • Digital and video cameras

  • Projection devices and other peripheral equipment shared by computer systems

  • Data communications systems:

    • Local area networks (including multiple connects for every classroom)

    • High-speed network links that connect schools together in each district

    • High-speed Internet connection serving all schools in each district

  • Satellite dish

  • Distance learning video conferencing classroom (full-motion interactive video classroom system)

  • Transportable video conferencing system (full-motion interactive video equipment on a cart)

  • Routers

  • Codecs

Examples of Facilities Modification (retrofitting)

  • On-premises telephone switch
  • Telephone line in every classroom
  • Wiring for telephone, Internet and video systems (e.g. copper [category 5], coaxial, fiber optic)


  • The only administrative costs that are considered allowable are those directly related to the distance learning activities and services that are provided to assist all pupils in achieving the standards.
  • It is recommended that for every dollar spent on equipment, at least 30 cents be allocated for staff development for using that equipment effectively in the instructional process.