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This information has been preserved for historical purposes. It is not current.

Educational Technology

NJ Department of Education District/Nonpublic School/ Charter School
Three-Year Educational Technology Plan Checklist

Review Procedures for District/Nonpublic School/ Charter School Educational Technology Plan
Educational Technology Plan Review and Approval:

The County Office of Education will set the timeline for review, submission and approval of district and Charter School educational technology plans. The County Office of Education will complete an online form by June 15th indicating the districts and Charter Schools with approved educational technology plans.  Nonpublic School Educational Technology Plans may be reviewed and letters issued by the Certified Technology Plan approvers found on the Universal Service Administrative Company web site:

Notification of Approval:

The NJDOE's Office of Educational Technology will send a notification of approval to the Chief School Officers of the approved districts and Charter Schools.  Nonpublic School Educational Technology Plan approvals are not listed on the NJDOE website.  Therefore, their approval letters do not have to be submitted to the NJDOE.

Posting your plan:

The  NJDOE's Office of Educational Technology suggests that school districts, nonpublic schools and Charter Schools post the approved educational technology plan on their web site.

For Assistance:

To answer questions or concerns, contact the district or Charter School's County Office of Education (contact information found at or e-mail the NJDOE's Office of Educational Technology at