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Submission of Nonpublic School Technology Plans:

Approval of your plan:

Contact your NJDOE, County Office of Education to find out the authorized approval agencies to review your technology plan.  The authorized approval agency will set the deadline for submission of the technology plan for review and approval.

Submitting your plan to the NJ Department of Education (NJDOE):

Once the technology plan is approved and a letter of approval is issued, you must submit the plan and approval letter electronically in PDF format prior to June 30, 2010 to the NJDOE.

Files to submit:

Submit two PDF files; 1) the signed letter of approval issued from the authorized approval agency, and 2) your approved technology plan that includes the checklist, the plan, the governing board’s approval, and the signatures of the technology plan committee members.


The checklist is part of your plan and needs to be completed with all required signatures including the signed approval stakeholder signature page and board approval section.  This checklist is provided at

Board Approval:

A copy of the governing board’s approval of the technology plan is a necessary part of the full plan.

Sign off:

The principal/lead agent must approve and sign the plan indicating his/her approval of the overall plan, as well as its budgetary requirements.

ames for these files:

Prior to submitting your plan electronically, you will need your school’s county and district code.  If you do not know these codes, either:

  1. Go to the following web site: and download the district excel spreadsheet.  Find your school name in the list. The county code for your school is in column A and the school’s four digit code is in column C.


  1. Go to the NJDOE nonpublic school directory Web page: and find your school.    There will be a code next to the school name.  The first two digits is the county code and the next four digits is the school district code.

There are specific file names required for each of the two submitted files:

The governing board approval letter file name must start with six numbers; the first two numbers are the county code numbers, the next four are the school’s code numbers, then followed by an underscore, your school name, followed by an underscore and then the letter A (for Approval letter).

Your plan’s name will be the same except the letter “A” will become replaced by the letter “P” (for Plan)


If you were sending an approval letter and plan from East Brunswick Township, the county code for Middlesex is 23 and the district code is 1170.  The file name of the approval letter for this school district would be 231170_EastBrunswickTwp_A.pdf.  The name of the file for the technology plan would be 231170_EastBrunswickTwp_P.pdf.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
Format to submit files:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
These files will only be accepted electronically in PDF format.  If the electronic submissions are not in PDF format, they will not be considered submitted.

Listed below are online sites that will convert documents into PDF files.   Some computer operating systems allow files to be saved as PDFs and some scanners can also perform this task. Most current word processing programs have the ability to “print to” a PDF format.

Online locations that create PDF files:

E-mail the files to:

Send your plan as a ZIP file (or SIT file if Mac) and E-mail these two PDF files (the plan and the approval letter) to

Posting your plan:

We suggest posting the approved technology plan on your school’s website.