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2003 New Jersey Public School Technology Survey

Survey Form

Table Survey
Percent of Schools With a Web Site Header Information
Teacher Skill Levels 1
Schools With a School or District Technology Coordinator 2
Leadership and Support for Technology Integration 3
Ongoing, Sustained Professional Development in Infusing Technology Into Curricula, Instruction and Assessment 4
Address and Evaluate Whether Technology Has Been Effectively Integrated Into the Curriculum 5
Technology Support 6
Support the School’s Technology Infrastructure 7
Supervision and Evaluation of Educators Addresses Effective Use of Technology for Student Achievement 8
How Teachers Are Using Technology in the Classroom 9
Technology Integration 10
School-Wide Use of Technology 11
Schools with a LAN, Wireless Network or WAN 12 & 13
Remote Classes or Interactive Event-Based Activities 14
Internet Access/Bandwidth 15
School-Based Connectivity 16
Classrooms with Internet Connections 17
Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) 18
Internet Filtering/Monitoring Software 19
Using Technology Tools in the Curriculum and Learning Activities on a Daily Basis 20
Using the World Wide Web on a Daily Basis as Part of the Curriculum 21
How Students Use Technology in Our Schools 22
Teachers With a Computer Dedicated to their Use in School 23
Student to Computer Ratios 24
Instructional Computers That Are Handheld 24
Computers: Connected to the Internet, Thin Clients, Laptops 25
Obsolete Computers 26
Support for Students Who Do Not Have Access to Technology at Home 28
Schools Offering Educational Technology Activities/Programs to Families & Community Members 29