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This information has been preserved for historical purposes. It is not current.

American Recovery & Reinvestment Act 2009

New Jersey K-12 Education

Public Access to EWEG Grant Applications » ARRA Home

Note:  Please print these instructions before accessing the Electronic Web-Enabled Grant (EWEG) system,

Access to the appropriate ARRA grant applications is through the Electronic Web-Enabled Grant (EWEG) system.

On the EWEG login page, select Public Access.  The next page that opens provides a menu of grant applications that may be accessed by clicking on the desired program. Please note that the following grants are part of the Title I ARRA Consolidated application:

  • Educating the Disadvantaged (Title I Part A)

  • Neglected and Delinquent (Title I Part D)

  • School Improvement (Title I SIA, Part a)

  • School Improvement (Title I SIA, Part g)

This opens a new page on which a county and district selection can be made either by entering the county and district code or the name of the district.  Once a district is selected, the application can be viewed by year; select an application by clicking the radio button next to the year.  When the page refreshes, click open application. 
System Technology Requirements The EWEG system supports optimum performance through the following technology:

PC’s – (Windows Operating System Versions 2000 or XP)
Internet Browsers – (Internet Explorer Version 5.01 or higher preferred)

The EWEG system does not support optimum performance through the following technology:
MAC’s – (Internet Explorer is not supported in the MAC environment)
PCs – (Windows Operating System Versions 98 or earlier)
Internet Browsers –
AOL, Netscape, and Fire Fox Browsers are not compatible with the EWEG system.

System Navigation The standard navigation of all EWEG grant applications occurs through the use of a tab strip structure. Each application screen will display a primary strip of tabs. Depending on the required information per each application screen, a sub-strip(s) of 2 tabs may display as well. While working through a tab structure, the background of each selected tab will turn WHITE in color once the tab is selected. This change in color indicates the tab has been accessed.

The standard navigation among each grant section of the application is accomplished by accessing the ‘Application Sections,which is found in the upper right-hand side of each application screen. By clicking the drop-down arrow, a list of grant application sections is displayed. Once this drop-down list appears, the applicant LEA will scroll to a specific grant section (Title I ARRA Consolidated, Title I Part A – ARRA etc.), and click on this grant section to access that particular application screen.

The following standard screen links are found also under the Application Sections drop-down box:

Printer Friendly Link – this link enables the user to print only the margins of text entered in textboxes. This link does not print the margins of an individual application screen. Printing the margins of each application screen is a function of the Browser, not the Printer Friendly link. Consequently, prior to printing the full screen, please ensure the Page Set-Up is set to LANDSCAPE.

Click to Return to Application Select – this link enables the user to return to the Application Select screen and select another item (e.g., Amendment).

Click to Return to Menu List – this link enables the user to return to the list of formula grants for (e.g., NCLB, IDEA, Perkins), and select another formula grant.

Sign Out – this link enables the user to log-off the EWEG system whenever necessary.
System Functions DO NOT USE the Browser ‘BACK’ button. If the Browser ‘BACK’ button is clicked, the user may be required to logon the EWEG system, again. If the ‘BACK’ button is inadvertently clicked, please ‘sign-off’ the EWEG system and then log back on the system Whenever possible, please refrain from clicking the Browser ‘BACK’ button.