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American Recovery & Reinvestment Act 2009

New Jersey K-12 Education

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Uses of ARRA Educating the Homeless (McKinney Vento) Funds

The Stewart B. McKinney-Vento Act for the Education of Homeless Children and Youth program is to ensure that homeless children and youth have equal access to a free, appropriate public education, and to be able to enroll in and attend school. The Stewart B. McKinney-Vento grant program funds are to provide support services for homeless children and youth designed to assure their school success. The focus is on the provision of instructional services that are supplemental to the regular school program and on referral services to appropriate community-based organizations with the goal of enabling all homeless children and youth to meet challenging state content and student performance standards. The purpose of this program is to assist partnerships of educational agencies and community-based organizations in New Jersey in providing educational programs and services for homeless children and youth residing in the partnership’s project area. Grants are awarded on a competitive basis. These ARRA funds are in addition to the annual allocation. Funds must be used consistent with the McKinney-Vento statutory and regulatory requirements.

Funds may support any of the activities authorized under section 723(d) of the McKinney-Vento Act (42 U.S.C. 11433(d)), including the following:

(1) Supplemental educational services, such as tutoring and other academic enrichment programs;

(2) Expedited evaluations for various educational services;

(3) Professional development activities for educators and pupil services personnel working with homeless students;

(4) Health referral services;

(5) Defraying the excess cost of transportation in order to enable students to attend the school of origin;

(6) Early childhood education programs for preschool-aged homeless children;

(7) Services and assistance to attract, engage, and retain homeless children and youth and unaccompanied youth in public school programs;

(8) Before- and after-school, mentoring, and summer programs with educational

(9) Payment of fees and costs associated with tracking, obtaining, and transferring records of homeless children and youth;

(10) Education and training for parents of homeless children and youth about rights and resources;

(11) Development of coordination between schools and agencies providing services;

(12) Provision of pupil services (including violence prevention counseling) and referrals for such services;

(13) Activities to address needs that may arise from domestic violence;

(14) Adaptation of space and purchase of supplies for non-school facilities to provide services listed above;

(15) Provision of school supplies, including those to be distributed at shelters or other appropriate locations; and

(16) Other extraordinary or emergency assistance needed to enable homeless students to attend school.

For specific questions regarding the use of ARRA McKinney Vento funds please contact

ARRA Educating the Homeless (McKinney Vento) Application Process

ARRA Educating the Homeless (McKinney Vento) Fund Allocations

ARRA Educating the Homeless (McKinney Vento) Guidance Documents

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