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American Recovery & Reinvestment Act 2009

New Jersey K-12 Education

Important Notice About ARRA Reporting Requirements » ARRA Home

In accordance with section 1512 under ARRA, the New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) must submit quarterly reports to the federal government regarding all NJDOE administered ARRA grant programs.  The first quarterly report is due October 10, 2009.

The Department will be collecting data from districts on a web-based system at the end of each quarter (by October 1 for the first report) in order to meet the federal reporting requirements.  Additional details regarding the Department’s data collection procedures will be provided to districts by mid-September.  Teleconferences on this collection process will be scheduled between September 14 and October 1, 2009.

Districts should not register on the federal reporting site ( for NJDOE administered ARRA programs (e.g. ARRA-ESF, ARRA-GSF, ARRA-Title 1, ARRA-IDEA).  Districts that receive ARRA funds directly from the federal government are required to register and report quarterly on the federal reporting site for those funds (e.g. section 14007 – Investing in Innovation Grants, section 805 – Grants for Impact Aid Construction).

In addition to section 1512 quarterly reports, districts that receive ARRA Title 1 funds are required to report to the department by December 1, 2009, a school-by-school listing of per –pupil educational expenditures from state and local funds for 2008-09.  (Details on this required report to follow.)  The department is also required to submit an annual report under section 14008 on the expenditure of ARRA state fiscal stabilization funds (ARRA-ESF and ARRA-GSF).  (Details on this required report to follow.)