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American Recovery & Reinvestment Act 2009

New Jersey K-12 Education

School Improvement (Title I SIA, Part a) » ARRA Home

Uses of ARRA School Improvement (Title I SIA, Part a) Funds

The ARRA School Improvement Fund, Part A (SIA Part a) authorizes funds to help the lowest achieving Title I schools meet the progress goals in their School Improvement Plan (Title I Unified Plan) and achieve adequate yearly progress. The funds are allocated to Title I schools in need of improvement to help low-performing students achieve academic proficiency and complement the use of these schools’ Title I, Part A funds. These funds can be used to expand the programs and services being funded by Title I, Part A or can help the school address additional priority problems the school identified in its needs assessment. The priority for funding is to serve the lowest-achieving schools that demonstrate the greatest need and strongest commitment to school reform. These funds are in addition to the annual Title I allocation. Districts must use their Title I, Part A ARRA funds consistent with the Title I, Part A statutory and regulatory requirements.

For specific questions regarding the use of ARRA Title I funds please contact

ARRA School Improvement (Title I SIA, Part a) Application Process

ARRA School Improvement (Title I SIA, Part a) Fund Allocations

ARRA School Improvement (Title I SIA, Part a) Guidance Documents

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