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American Recovery & Reinvestment Act 2009

New Jersey K-12 Education

School Improvement (Title I SIA, Part g)» ARRA Home

Uses of ARRA School Improvement Grant (Title I SIG) Funds

The ARRA School Improvement Grant (SIG) Fund, authorizes funds to help schools in improvement, corrective action, and restructuring to improve student achievement through a competitive grant application. In conjunction with funds reserved under SIG, these funds are to be used to leverage change, targeting activities towards measurable outcomes. Expected results from the use of these funds include improving student proficiency, helping schools make adequate yearly progress, and using data to inform decisions and create a system of continuous feedback and improvement. The priority for funding is to serve the persistently lowest achieving (PLA) schools  as listed in Tiers I and II below. The amount of the award to each eligible district with Title I schools in need of improvement must not be less than $50,000 or more than $2,000,000. These funds are in addition to the annual Title I allocation.

For specific questions regarding the use of ARRA Title I funds please contact

ARRA School Improvement Grant (Title I SIG) Application Process

ARRA School Improvement Grant (Title I SIG) Fund Allocations

ARRA School Improvement Grant (Title I SIG) Guidance Documents

Note: federal guidelines are subject to change and the department will post the most current information as soon as we receive it.