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New Jersey Assessment of Skills and Knowledge (NJ ASK)
Performance Level Descriptors

Language Arts Literacy
Grade 5


The student performing at the proficient level demonstrates an ability to analyze and critique text, synthesizing details in order to build understanding.  The student constructs meaning recognizing literary elements and figurative language.  The student recognizes author’s purpose and applies prior knowledge to draw conclusions.

As a proficient writer, the student develops a central focus and organizes and connects ideas with relevant details.  The student exhibits some variety in word choice and sentence structure, attempts narrative techniques, and gives some evidence of transitions while incorporating basic writing mechanics.

Advanced Proficient

As a reader, the fifth grade student is able to synthesize details in order to make connections and generate new ideas.  The student utilizes literary elements and author’s purpose to analyze text.

As an advanced proficient writer, the student establishes and maintains a strong central focus and elaborates supporting details to convey ideas effectively.  The student will include narrative techniques using fluid transitions, strong appropriate word choice and sentence variety to purposefully engage the reader.