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New Jersey Assessment of Skills and Knowledge (NJ ASK)
Performance Level Descriptors

Language Arts Literacy
Grade 6


The student performing at the proficient level demonstrates an understanding of the literal and inferential aspects of the text.  Students activate prior knowledge and sustain comprehension by questioning, clarifying and predicting.  Students at this level extrapolate relevant details to determine main idea, infer word meaning, in context, and identify the author’s purpose.  The proficient student recognizes organizational patterns and textual conventions.

As a proficient writer, the student develops a single focus and supporting details within an organizational structure.  The student writes for a variety of purposes keeping audience in mind.  Students at this level provide support for opinions and conclusions using textual and literary elements effectively.

Advanced Proficient

As a reader, the sixth grade advanced proficient student extends meaning by making conscious connections to text, author, self, and others.  The student synthesizes information and draws insightful conclusions.  Students at this level demonstrate an understanding of the central theme.

As an advanced proficient writer, in addition to consistently demonstrating the qualities outlined for a proficient student, the advanced proficient student develops a logical progression of ideas in a fluent and cohesive voice.  Students at this level take appropriate compositional risks.