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New Jersey Assessment of Skills and Knowledge (NJ ASK)
Performance Level Descriptors

Language Arts Literacy
Grade 7


Seventh-grade students performing at the proficient level are able to interact with a variety of texts.  Proficient students demonstrate an understanding of literal and inferential levels, while making relevant use of text to support or explain self-generated text.  Students are able to identify central themes, supporting details and organizational structures of text.  Students monitor their understanding of text and identify purpose for reading.  Students can interpret textual conventions and extrapolate and synthesize information from text.

Seventh-grade students proficient in writing are able to develop a central theme, supporting details, and an organizational structure.  Students at this level establish a purpose for writing and provide support for opinions and conclusions.  Students demonstrate control of textual and literary elements.

Advanced Proficient

As an advanced proficient reader, in addition to consistently demonstrating the qualities outlined for a proficient student, the advanced student identifies abstract themes while analyzing and evaluating text.  The advanced student utilizes prior knowledge to extend aspects of the text.

As an advanced proficient writer, in addition to consistently developing a central theme, supporting details and organizational structure, the advanced student demonstrates sophisticated use of textual and literary elements.  The advanced student effectively uses compositional risks.