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New Jersey Assessment of Skills and Knowledge (NJ ASK)
Performance Level Descriptors

Grade 5


The student performing at the proficient level demonstrates the ability to recognize, understand, and apply basic mathematical concepts, skills, and terminology to theoretical and real world situations. The student will be able to perform basic computational procedures, apply geometric properties and spatial relationships, interpret data and graphs, apply the concepts and methods of discrete mathematics, and use basic algebraic concepts and processes. The student will also be able to infer, reason, and estimate while problem solving. The student will demonstrate flexibility in selecting a successful process or strategy. The student will demonstrate basic understanding of mathematical concepts through written expression.

Advanced Proficient

The student performing at the advanced proficient level will consistently demonstrate the qualities outlined for proficient performance. In addition, the student will analyze methods for appropriateness, synthesize processes, and evaluate mathematical relationships. The student will demonstrate conceptual understanding by consistently providing clear and complete explanations. The student abstracts concepts for use in other applications and successfully forms conjectures.