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New Jersey Assessment of Skills and Knowledge (NJ ASK)
Performance Level Descriptors

Grade 6


The student performing at the proficient level in mathematics will be able to demonstrate evidence of and communicate conceptual understanding of procedural and analytical skills. The student applies mathematical skills and knowledge to theoretical and real world situations. In addition, the student makes connections across mathematical domains. The student at this level understands and applies appropriate standard numerical operations and estimations-- an understanding sufficient for problem solving in practical situations. The student will be able to determine the reasonableness of an answer. The student understands and applies basic geometric concepts including properties, measurement, and spatial relationships. The student clearly interprets data and graphs, determines probabilities, applies the concepts and methods of discrete mathematics, and uses basic algebraic concepts and processes.

Advanced Proficient

The student performing at the advanced proficient level in mathematics will consistently demonstrate the qualities for proficient performance. In addition, the student at the advanced level demonstrates the use of abstract thinking and provides explanations that are consistently clear and thorough. The student will support a logical efficient method to solving the problem. The student consistently makes accurate inferences and predictions. The student supports responses by using appropriate mathematical terminology. The student successfully analyzes and draws appropriate inferences from data.