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New Jersey NAEP 2009 Reading Results: Highlights [2007]

Grade 4:

  • New Jersey fourth-graders had an average scale score (229) that was higher than the nation (220), and higher than all other states except Massachusetts (234).

  • New Jersey fourth-graders scored the same as their counterparts in 2007, but higher than New Jersey fourth-graders assessed in 2005, and all previous NAEP assessments back to 1992.

  • When disaggregated, the New Jersey fourth-grade reporting groups did not demonstrated improvement over the two year period from 2007 to 2009, and the achievement gaps were unchanged.   

Grade 8:

  • No state had an average scale score higher than New Jersey’s (273), and New Jersey was among the nine states or jurisdictions in the top-performing tier that performed higher than the nation’s public schools (262) and all other states and jurisdictions.

  • While there was no significant closing of the achievement gaps for New Jersey or the nation, one encouraging result was the significant improvement of students with a disability from 2007 (236) to 2009 (250).

New Jersey Reading Achievement Growth, Grades 4 and 8: [2007 to 2009]

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