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Bilingual/ESL/ELS Three-Year Program Plans 2014-2017

Every three years, all school districts at which English language learners (ELLs) are enrolled must complete a plan describing their district's program for ELLs. The 2014-2015 school year is the beginning of a new three-year cycle ending in the spring of 2017.
Email completed plan to:

Save the plan using the following file name format:
countycode-districtcode-districtname (e.g. 00-0000-sampledistrict.docx)

If you have any questions regarding the program plan forms, please contact the Bureau of Bilingual and ESL Education at (609) 292-8777 or

    1. Bilingual/ESL Three Year Program Plan
        PDF | Microsoft Word

    2. English Language Services (ELS) Three-Year Program Plan
        PDF | Microsoft Word

NOTE: Districts that are requesting a waiver from a full-time bilingual education program must submit a bilingual waiver on under "Bilingual" in addition to completing this plan.