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English Language Learners (ELL) in the Mainstream

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Welcome to the new online professional development tutorial for educators who are involved with English language learners (ELLs). The tutorial is useful for both "regular" and bilingual/English as a Second Language educators.

This professional development tutorial provides the school community with awareness, knowledge, information and techniques for creating a supportive learning environment for these students.

The tutorial consists of objectives, four sections (each with assignments and related rubrics), resources and a glossary. Assignments should be shared with colleagues. Discussions with other participants should be required if the tutorial is offered for reflective professional development. Please click on tutorial to proceed.

There are several ways in which this tutorial may be used:

1. As a formal ongoing in service activity. District professional development instructors may offer this tutorial over a period of at least three or four weeks. The recommended number of professional development hours is 15.

2. As a hybrid or blended (partially hands-on and partially online) activity. The professional development instructor may meet the class of educators, and begin the professional development in person. The participants may then spend the next few weeks online completing two or three assignment, and could work as a study group. The class may come back together for the fourth activity.

3. Fully online. An educator can learn on his/her own. For professional development hours to be awarded, assignments would need to be turned in to an instructor. Since collaborative discussions would not be involved, the professional development hours would be recommended as 10. However, we would recommend a study group if possible.

Tutorial Developed by Judy O'Loughlin