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The ACCESS for ELLs® (the required spring English language proficiency assessment for all English language learners) ordering window for New Jersey opens during the winter every year.

Check the current ACCESS for ELLs® Timeline for New Jersey here for the ordering window.   Order ACCESS for ELLs® test materials on-line via MetriTech's web page at

If one of your districts or schools is not listed on the MetriTech website, please email your order for that district/school to MetriTech at the email address listed below. or call and ask for WIDA support 1-800-747-4868

When placing your order, request only the number of tests needed for each grade and tier. MetriTech will automatically add overage to your order to accommodate any unforeseen increase in student numbers during the testing window.

Please send your Purchase Order # to MetriTech via Return Email, include your district name and number in the email. Hard copies of PO's can be sent as described below.

Please note that all test materials for your state must be ordered by the end of the ordering window.


Pre-ID label information must be entered in an Excel Spreadsheet through NJ SMART:

The Pre-ID labels will be included with your test booklet shipment.

Please refer to the New Jersey Department of Education's homepage for bilingual education for information, procedures and checklists to ensure test security.  Go to:

Vendor Information for the ACCESS for ELLs® Test

Please contact the Wisconsin Center for Education Research (WCER) Business Office below with questions and requests for vendor information and tax related information:

Wisconsin Center for Education Research 
Attn: WIDA Consortium 
University of Wisconsin-Madison 
1025 West Johnson Street 
Madison WI 53706 
Phone 608-263-4200
Fax 608-263-6448

WCER/US FEIN 39-6006492

Cost is $23.00 per student (includes test materials, scoring, and basic report services) and an additional 2.5% Processing Fee will be charged per student (minimum $25 – maximum $100)

Please send Purchase Orders for the ACCESS for ELLs® to:

Wisconsin Center for Education Research 
c/o MetriTech, Inc. 
4106 Fieldstone Rd. 
Champaign, Illinois 61822

You will be billed after the testing cycle is complete for the number of students tested.  Payments should be sent to the address listed above.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us. 

Susan C. Feldman
WIDA Project Director
MetriTech, Inc. 
ph: 217.398.4868
fx: 217.398.5798