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2006-2008 Bilingual/ESL Model Program Resource Centers

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Four locally developed Bilingual/ESL programs were honored as Outstanding Second Language Programs in a recognition ceremony on May 12, 2006, at the headquarters of the New Jersey Principals and Supervisors Association in Monroe.  The programs honored were designed to serve the needs of students for whom English is a second language.     The New Jersey Department of Education created the initiative to showcase practices and programs that can serve as models for other schools to follow. The exemplary programs were identified through a rigorous process that included extensive program review and a site visit conducted by state officials and supervisors of Bilingual/ESL programs.

Schools in districts that are designated as model programs will serve as regional resource centers for other districts in their geographic areas.  Educators visiting the centers will have the opportunity to observe exemplary practices in second language teaching and learning.  Administrators and teachers will also be able to discuss issues of mutual concern with staff from the centers, as well as the potential for collaboration on their second language programs.

Applications for the recognition program are available on alternate year cycles. Applications for the next round of model programs will be distributed in spring 2007.

Staff from the Department of Education’s Office of Academic and Professional Standards and from the Office of Specialized Populations developed the concept for the program.  Selection criteria were developed by the New Jersey Supervisors of World Languages Initiative and the Statewide Advisory Committee for Bilingual and ESL Education with assistance from the Department of Education.  The program award is based on detailed information provided in a written application, a full-day site visit to schools, and interviews with administrators, teachers, parents and students.
The four model programs for Bilingual / ESL are:

Atlantic City High School Resource Center:  Regional Immigrant Newcomer Program for High School Students
Clifton Public Schools
, Passaic County, for the K-5 Sheltered ESL Program with Bilingual Support Program in schools 12, 13, 14 and 17;
Little Falls Public Schools, Passaic County, for the K-8 ESL Program;
Red Bank Regional High School District, Monmouth County, for the 9-12 ESL Program; and
Roselle Public Schools, Union County, for the K-3 Bilingual Program at Harrison Elementary School.

Please see the following for visitation dates and procedures:


Bilingual/English as a Second Language Resource Center
Regional Immigrant Newcomer Student Center for Secondary Students
at Atlantic City High School

Visitation Dates:
Visitations can be arranged during the months of October, November, January, February, April, May, July and August.  Visitors will be asked to register in advance by contacting Lourdes Vidal-Turner, Supervisor of Bilingual, ESL, World Languages, at (609) 343-7200, extension 5011 or at

Visitors will report as scheduled to the Guidance Office at Atlantic City High School.  The program visitation will be facilitated by Beatrice Corvitto, guidance counselor for the Regional Immigrant Newcomer Student Center.

Contact Information:

Office of Curriculum and Instruction
Donna L. Haye, Assistant Superintendent
Lourdes Vidal-Turner
Supervisor of Bilingual, ESL, and World Languages
Atlantic City School District
1300 Atlantic Avenue, 6th floor
Atlantic City,  NJ 08401
(609) 343-7200, extension 5011

Directions:  The Atlantic City High School is located at 1400 N. Albany Avenue in Atlantic City, NJ 08401.  Take the Atlantic City Expressway to Exit 2/Atlantic City/Black Horse Pike/Ventnor/ Margate/Longport onto Albany Avenue (US 322 East) for approximately 1 mile.  Entrance to the high school is from the right lane. 

District Demographics
The Atlantic City School District has an enrollment of approximately 2,500 students, 10 % of whom are English language learners. Atlantic City High School has a sending/receiving relationship with 3 elementary school districts in Atlantic County:  Brigantine, Margate (includes Longport) and Ventnor. 

Immigrant Newcomer Program Services
The Regional Immigrant Newcomer Student Center Program at Atlantic City High School is established to educate recently arrived secondary immigrant students from all the secondary schools in Atlantic County who have limited English language skills and, in some cases, are not educated to their grade level in their native language. The goal of the program is to prepare immigrant newcomer students for success in academic programs by acquiring proficiency in English language skills and the content knowledge appropriate for high school graduation as well as to give them career awareness and job training.  The program consists of three components:

  • An academic year educational program;
  • An extended day academic year program; and
  • An extended year summer program

The academic year program course offerings include all content classes both in bilingual (Spanish) and sheltered instruction (SIOP).  The ESL courses are leveled language courses that are taught through the SIOP Model.  Additionally, support ESL classes such as ESL Reading, ESL Reading in the Content Areas and ESL Tutorial are offered.  Students with limited or no formal schooling in the native language are supported through Bilingual Language Arts Literacy (Spanish) and Newcomer ESL Literacy courses.  Additional program services include counseling, behavior health, social services, family literacy and educational programs and career awareness/job training programs.

The extended day program services are offered at the different language levels of the students.  Students are offered program options such as:  computerized language learning at ACHS and Atlantic Cape Community College, drama/film production, radio broadcasting and TV production.

The extended year program is held for 7 weeks in July and August.  Integrated language learning and social services continue during this component; however, there is a greater focus on career awareness and job skill training.  The district partners with the Richard Stockton College SRI/ETTC and Atlantic Cape Community College to offer Microsoft Proficiency certificate program courses and Advanced ESL and ESL in the Workplace courses to students.  The students complete a volunteer job placement with social and service agencies in Atlantic City.  Lastly students travel two times per week to visit historical, cultural, municipal and tourist locations in Atlantic County and the surrounding areas.

Bilingual/English as a Second Language Model Program Designation:
K-5 ESL with Bilingual Support
 Schools #12, 13, 14, 17 (Spanish, Polish, Arabic)

Visitation Dates:    
A schedule of six visitation dates will be developed and posted.  Participants will be asked to register in advance by calling Janina J. Kusielewicz, Supervisor of Bilingual, ESL, Basic Skills and World Languages, at (973) 470-2267.

Visitation Procedures:
The following dates are available for visitations. Additional dates may be arranged by appointment.

December 7, 2006; January 11, 2007; February 8, 2007; April 12, 3007; May 3, 2007; June 7, 2007.

Contact Information:
Janina J. Kusielewicz
Supervisor of Bilingual, ESL, Basic Skills and World Languages
Clifton Public Schools
745 Clifton Avenue
Clifton, NJ 07015
(973) 470-2267
For directions, contact Ms. Kusielewicz.

District Demographics:
The Clifton Public School District has an enrollment of approximately 10,500 students. 60% of the district population comes from families speaking a language other than English and 7% are English language learners. Bilingual programs are offered in Spanish, Polish and Arabic in Grades K-5, with High Intensity ESL and content classes taught by Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP) trained teachers in Grades 6-12.

Bilingual/English as a Second Language Program:
The Clifton program for ELL’s in Grades K-5 takes place at School’s 12, 13, 14 and 17. Schools 12 and 17 serve as magnets for Spanish speaking youngsters, School 14 houses the Arabic bilingual program and School 13 provides services to Polish and Spanish speakers. All four schools provide ESL services to children for up to 64 other language groups. The schools provide a dynamic combination of self-contained and pullout programs aligned with district curricular objectives, following a model of sheltered English instruction. Bilingual and ESL classes are exclusively content based in order to foster a high level of student achievement in English. The master schedule in each building is developed to accommodate the needs of the program. Curricular modifications for ELL’s are part of every district curriculum guide. A Testing / Resource program provides support to students for up to four years after exiting Bilingual and ESL. Training in SIOP is infused through the districts professional development offerings. 

Bilingual/English as a Second Language Model Program Designation:

Visitation Dates:
Visitations will be scheduled by individual request through the Office of Special Services and visitors are welcomed at any time during the school year

Visitation Procedures:
Please contact Mrs. Wendy McNeill, Director of Special Services, to schedule a visit. Visitations will be conducted by Mrs. Grethe Ridley, ESL Teacher, at the appropriate school building, depending upon the grade level(s) of interest.

Contact Person:         
Mrs. Wendy McNeill, Director Special Services
Little Falls School No. 1
32 Stevens Avenue
Little Falls, NJ 07424
(973) 256-4810, Ext. 103
For directions, please contact Mrs. McNeill.

District Demographics
Little Falls School District is a small K-8 district with approximately 850 students, of which 30 are ESL students.  The English language learners are primarily Hispanic or Asian, but also include speakers of the following languages: Arabic, Gujarati, Hindi, Korean, Mandarin, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog, and Turkish.

English as a Second Language Program:
All English language learners participate daily in an intensive ESL Pull-Out Program based on proficiency levels.  The ESL classes are content-based in order to foster a high level of student achievement in English. Program essentials include a thematic approach, with structured collaboration between the ESL teacher and classroom teachers, a strong emphasis on parent involvement, and integration of technology into instruction. Additionally, opportunities to showcase the diverse cultures and talents of ESL students are built into the school calendar, which serve to foster cultural awareness, peer support and acceptance within the school community.

An Adult Family Literacy Evening Program is an integral part of the ESL Program. Parents and children participate in this program together, leading to greater parent involvement, productive parent employment, and to U.S. citizenship for 14 district parents and children to date.

Bilingual/English as a Second Language Model Program Designation:  
9-12 ESL

Visitation Dates:
Visitations will be scheduled by individual request through the Office of the Supervisor of Bilingual/ELL.

Visitation Procedures:
Please contact Risa Cullinane to schedule a visit.

Contact Person:
Risa Cullinane
Supervisor, Bilingual/ELL Program
Red Bank Regional High School
101 Ridge Road
Little Silver, NJ

District Demographics:
Red Bank Regional High School has an enrollment of approximately 1150 students from three primary sending districts. The high school features several academies. The high intensity ELL program provides a unique and creative response to our growing ELL student population.

High Intensity ELL Program:
The district’s bilingual population, currently ninety-nine percent Latino, comprises approximately 5% of the high school population and continues to grow. “Port of Entry” and Level II students receive double periods of instruction, facilitated in both English and Spanish. All other students receive single periods of ELL instruction in addition to a period of English instruction that is team taught by an ELL teacher and an English teacher. All core content subjects are team taught by the subject teacher and a bilingual paraprofessional. Teachers and paraprofessionals meet on a bimonthly basis with the supervisor to discuss student issues, curriculum and topics relating to professional development. Students share a bilingual guidance counselor who is a strong member of the team. Tutoring is available throughout the lunch periods and after school and is well attended. There is a four week summer writing program which includes a recreation component. The school is fortunate to have a school based counseling center, providing support to students for counseling services, health care and family services, staffed with bilingual clinicians. There is a “Fast Start” college program, enabling all ELL seniors to attend a local community college and earn six credits during their senior year free of charge. Currently, scholarship money is available to continue this program post- graduation.

Bilingual/English as a Second Language Model Program Designation:  Spanish Bilingual K-3

Visitation Dates:
Visitations will occur on the following dates:
October 25, 2006                                               February 28, 2007
November 29, 2006                                           March 28, 2007
January 24, 2007                                               April 25, 2007

Visitation Procedures:
Visitations will be conducted at Harrison School by the supervisor of bilingual/ESL.

Contact Person:
Elizabeth Franks, Supervisor Bilingual/ESL
Abraham Clark High School
122 East 6th Avenue
Roselle, NJ 07203
(908) 298-2015

District Demographics:
Roselle is a Pre-K-12 district located in Union County with approximately 2900 students, 10% of whom are English language learners. Harrison School is the district’s K-3 centralized magnet school for the bilingual/ESL population housing 309 students, 30% ELLs.

Bilingual Program:
The bilingual program has two designs based on English proficiency levels. Students at proficiency levels 1 – 3 are assigned to a self-contained class at their appropriate grade level: Kindergarten, first, second and third Grades. Language arts instruction is provided according to the dominant language of the child. Bilingual instructional aides are assigned to each self-contained class and are crucial members of the team. Teachers are dually certified so they provide ESL instruction through the content areas within the course of the school day.

Students at proficiency levels 4 and 5 are clustered into “integrated ESL” general education classrooms at each grade level. An ESL teacher becomes involved during the 90 minute literacy block by providing an additional 30 minutes of ESL instruction for those students.

Parents are involved in all aspects of the school. They participate in the Parent and Teachers (PAT) Committee; attend workshops and Family Math and Science classes. Monthly newsletters from the principal are sent home in three languages (English, Spanish, and French).