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New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards

May 1996

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The New Jersey Department of Education gratefully acknowledges the thoughtful contributions and outstanding efforts of over 200 educators, parents, business persons, and other citizens who have worked on the Standards Project. We especially appreciate the tireless efforts of the 1995 Working Group co-chairpersons, who involved thousands of other New Jersey citizens in the standards-setting process and the ground-breaking work of their 1992-93 predecessors. In addition, we are grateful for the testimony and correspondence of hundreds of citizens who responded to the proposed standards prepared by the Department of Education. The final version also benefited from the guidance of the New Jersey State Assembly Task Force on Core Curriculum Standards and from the State Senate Education Committee.

Thanks to the commitment of so many dedicated citizens, New Jersey has defined what knowledge and skills all students need to meet the challenges of the twenty-first century.

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