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New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards

May 1996

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Cross-Content Workplace Readiness Standards And Progress Indicators

Standard 2:
All Students Will Use Information, Technology, And Other Tools

Descriptive Statement: Students will be expected to develop skills in the use of information, up-to-date educational technology, and other tools to improve learning, achieve goals, and produce products and presentations. They will learn to develop, locate, summarize, organize, synthesize, and evaluate information. Students will be expected to use technological tools, such as telecommunications networking, for problem-solving, writing, and research.

Cumulative Progress Indicators

All students will be able to:

  1. Understand how technological systems function.
  2. Select appropriate tools and technology for specific activities.
  3. Demonstrate skills needed to effectively access and use technology-based materials through keyboarding, troubleshooting, and retrieving and managing information.
  4. Develop, search, and manipulate databases.
  5. Access technology-based communication and information systems.
  6. Access and assess information on specific topics using both technological (e.g., computer, telephone, satellite) and print resources available in libraries or media centers.
  7. Use technology and other tools to solve problems, collect data, and make decisions.
  8. Use technology and other tools, including word-processing, spreadsheet and presentation programs, and print or graphic utilities, to produce products.
  9. Use technology to present designs and results of investigations.
  10. Discuss problems related to the increasing use of technologies.
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