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New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards

May 1996

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Cross-Content Workplace Readiness Standards And Progress Indicators

Standard 3:
All Students Will Use Critical Thinking, Decision Making And Problem-Solving Skills

Descriptive Statement: Students will be expected to develop original thoughts and ideas, think creatively, develop habits of inquiry, and take intellectual and performance risks. They will be expected to recognize problems, devise a variety of ways to solve these problems, analyze the potential advantages and disadvantages of each alternative, and evaluate the effectiveness of the method ultimately selected.

Cumulative Progress Indicators

All students will be able to:

  1. Recognize and define a problem, or clarify decisions to be made.
  2. Use models, relationships, and observations to clarify problems and potential solutions.
  3. Formulate questions and hypotheses.
  4. Identify and access resources, sources of information, and services in the school and the community.
  5. Use the library media center as a critical resource for inquiry and assessment of print and nonprint materials.
  6. Plan experiments.
  7. Conduct systematic observations.
  8. Organize, synthesize, and evaluate information for appropriateness and completeness.
  9. Identify patterns and investigate relationships.
  10. Monitor and validate their own thinking.
  11. Identify and evaluate the validity of alternative solutions.
  12. Interpret and analyze data to draw conclusions.
  13. Select and apply appropriate solutions to problem-solving and decision- making situations.
  14. Evaluate the effectiveness of various solutions.
  15. Apply problem-solving skills to original and creative/design projects.
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