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New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards

May 1996

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Cross-Content Workplace Readiness Standards And Progress Indicators

Standard 4:
All Students Will Demonstrate Self-Management Skills.

Descriptive Statement: Students will be expected to address issues related to personal development, such as accepting responsibility for their own learning and understanding expectations for performance. They are also expected to demonstrate positive work behaviors and ethics, the ability to work individually and cooperatively in groups, and respect for others of diverse cultural and social backgrounds.

Cumulative Progress Indicators

All students will be able to:

  1. Set short and long term goals.
  2. Work cooperatively with others to accomplish a task.
  3. Evaluate their own actions and accomplishments.
  4. Describe constructive responses to criticism.
  5. Provide constructive criticism to others.
  6. Describe actions which demonstrate respect for people of different races, ages, religions, ethnicity and gender.
  7. Describe the roles people play in groups.
  8. Demonstrate refusal skills.
  9. Use time efficiently and effectively.
  10. Apply study skills to expand their own knowledge and skills.
  11. Describe how ability, effort, and achievement are interrelated.
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