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New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards

May 1996

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Cross-Content Workplace Readiness Standards And Progress Indicators

Standard 5:
All Students Will Apply Safety Principles.

Descriptive Statement: Safety is an important component of all content areas, especially the arts, health and physical education, science, occupational education programs, and any content area where hands-on activities take place. Students need to learn behaviors that will ensure their own safety and health and that of others. They also should become familiar with the rules and laws governing safety and health so that they can act responsibly implement these standards.

Cumulative Progress Indicators

All students will be able to:

  1. Explain how common injuries can be prevented.
  2. Develop and evaluate an injury prevention program.
  3. Demonstrate principles of safe physical movement.
  4. Demonstrate safe use of tools and equipment.
  5. Identify and demonstrate the use of recommended safety and protective devices.
  6. Identify common hazards and describe methods to correct them.
  7. Identify and follow safety procedures for laboratory and other hands-on experiences.
  8. Discuss rules and laws designed to promote safety and health, and their rationale.
  9. Describe and demonstrate procedures for basic first aid and safety precautions.
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