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New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards

May 1996

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Language Arts And Literacy Standards And Progress Indicators
Standard 3.2:
All Students Will Listen Actively In A Variety Of Situations To Information From A Variety Of Sources

Descriptive Statement: Through active listening, students gain understanding and appreciation of language and communication. They develop an awareness of the role of sound, including intonation, rhythm, pace, enunciation, volume, and quality, in combination with words and/or visual presentations to convey meaning. Effective listeners are able to restate, interpret, respond to, and evaluate increasingly complex messages conveyed through sound. Students should have opportunities to listen to language used for a variety of purposes including telling a story, sharing information, questioning, persuading, and helping others to achieve goals. Students should recognize that what they say, write, read, and view contributes to the content and quality of their listening experiences.

Cumulative Progress Indicators

By the end of Grade 4, students:


Use speaking, writing, reading, and viewing to assist with listening.


Demonstrate comprehension of a story, interview, and oral report of an event or incident.


Listen for a variety of purposes, such as enjoyment and obtaining information.


Interpret meaning through sounds, such as how speaking style reveals character in an oral interpretation.


Listen attentively and critically to a variety of speakers.


Develop listening strategies, such as asking relevant questions, taking notes, and making predictions, to understand what is heard.


Follow oral directions.

Building upon knowledge and skills gained in the preceding grades, by the end of Grade 8, students:


Demonstrate comprehension of, and appropriate listener response (e.g., listening attentively) to, an oral report, discussion, and interview.


Give appropriate feedback to a variety of speakers.


Recognize persuasive techniques and credibility in oral communication.

Building upon knowledge and skills gained in the preceding grades, by the end of Grade 12, students:


Demonstrate comprehension of, and appropriate listener response to, ideas in a persuasive speech, an oral interpretation of a literary selection, interviews in a variety of real-life situations, and educational and scientific presentations.


Evaluate the credibility of the speaker.


Evaluate media techniques and messages.



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