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NJ World Class Standards
Content Area: 21st-Century Life and Careers
9.4 Career and Technical Education
ContentArea 21st-Century Life and Careers
Standard 9.4 Career and Technical EducationAll students who complete a career and technical education program will acquire academic and technical skills for careers in emerging and established professions that lead to technical skill proficiency, credentials, certificates, licenses, and/or degrees. (For descriptions of the 16 career clusters, see the Career Clusters Table.)
Strand G. Government & Public Administration Career Cluster
Pathway (4) National Security
By the end of grade Content Statement CPI# Cumulative Progress Indicator (CPI)
Academic Foundations: Academic concepts lay the foundation for the full range of career and postsecondary education opportunities within the career cluster.
9.4.12.G.(4).1 Participate in courses that instruct persons who perform tasks related to national and homeland security.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
9.4.12.G.(4).2 Recognize appropriate duties, responsibilities, and authority of all levels of personnel in an organization to facilitate maximum utilization of human resources.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
Ethics and Legal Responsibilities: Legal responsibilities, professional ethics, and codes of conduct affect management practices, business performance, and regulatory compliance, as well as the confidence of customers, business partners, and investors.
9.4.12.G.(4).3 Demonstrate leadership skills and strategies necessary to ensure compliance with rules of engagement and other applicable ethical standards.