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Charter Schools


Renewal Process

The charter renewal process gives charter school operators an opportunity to present clear and compelling evidence regarding how well they have progressed towards achieving their goals over the course of their charter.  The renewal application allows each school the opportunity to provide evidence that the school is fiscally and organizationally sound and its academic program is successful. It also gives a school the occasion to examine its progress towards meeting its mission, goals and objectives, assess its strengths and needs, and plan its course for the future.

After the submission of the renewal application, the Department of Education will conduct a site visit and structured interview with the board and its administration. Additionally, the charter school's stakeholders will be interviewed including teachers, parents, and students. These findings will augment the evaluation of student performance on the statewide assessment program, annual reports, monitoring visit results, and financial reports and contribute to making a decision about the renewal of the charter.

New Jersey Charter School Renewal Application 2015

Charter School Renewal Site Visit Protocol