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Career & Technical Education: Learning That Works for New Jersey

New CTE Alternate Route Provisional Teacher Program Launches

In January 2011, the New Jersey Department of Education launched the first class of career and technical education (CTE) alternate route provisional teachers enrolled in the pilot CTE Alternate Route Teacher Preparation Program (pilot program) at Brookdale Community College, Lincroft, NJ.  The pilot program includes a blend of online learning and nine “cohort Saturdays” where CTE provisional teachers gather to learn and discuss their first year teaching experiences with instructors and peers.

The pilot program was created in response to administrative code requiring the development of a specialized formal provisional teacher instruction program that is aligned to the Department’s Professional Standards for Teachers, and that includes the essential knowledge and skills needed for the delivery of career and technical education.  A statewide curriculum committee was convened by the Office of Career and Technical Education during the 2009-2010 school year to develop the pilot program curriculum.  Brookdale Community College was the successful applicant to implement the pilot program. 

At this time, all provisional CTE teachers are to be enrolled in the new CTE provisional teacher program.  For more information, visit or contact Kelly Canonico,, 732-224-2319.